Strengthen me, Lord! He left while I was pregnant.

Lord, please strenghten me through this. It’s not even a breakup. He entered a new relationship while I was pregnant and expecting his second child. We are not strangers to each other this is our second child together. Forgive me for pushing him away so far that he will not come back now. This is killing me knowing he was intimate with someone else. I still love him, I just had his first son less than a month ago. Strenghten me please. He blames me and sees nothing wrong with what he has done.

Help me, heal me, help me to forgive and live in peace for my children Lord. I ask for forgiveness of my sins and am sorry for the wrong I have done to others that I now am facing the hurt and harm I have done to others due to past relationships I partaked in. Thank you Lord. Amen.