Strengthen Me From This Hard Time

by Isaac Mensah (Mthatha,Eastern Cape,South Africa)

Our Heavenly Father,I Came You This Evening Asking Of Wisdom, knowledge,love, care And Long Life. Am Before God Through Jesus Christ to deliver Me From This Hard Times. I commit Myself,my Wife,my Daughter And my Entire family into Your Care. In You I Trust Father. I Have Worked for the Past 8 Months without receiving My Salary. Father In Heaven Let Your Miracle happen this evening. Touch Those Who Are Handling My Salary To Release My Salary In Jesus name. I Commit the future Into Your Care God. Take Control In My Life And My Family. Show Me The Way To The Future. Forgive All My Sins. Protect My Family And Friend From This Darkness. May Your Name Be Praise God. Glory Be To Thee Name. Am Grateful For All That You Have Done for me. Protect My Marriage from Destruction God. Protect This Marriage,give Me Understanding and Love. Guide Me Oh God To A Brighter Future. Lead Through This Struggle. I Know My Prayers Has Been Answered In Jesus Name Amen.

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