(New Zealand)

Dear God, I haven’t been the best of servants, I know that, and I have often taken your name in vain. I am a sinner, there’s no hiding it, and I’m beginning to drag more and more people into my circle of sin. I rationalise it by saying I am helping people, but in reality I am only helping myself. You have no reason to help me, but I still have to ask. You’re the only real person I can count on, the only one I have left. Help me have the strength to dig myself out of this mess. To do so with my dignity intact and to not shatter the hopes and dreams of those around me. Help me live up to the potential for good that I have, to find a job that is fulfilling and rewarding. I am asking a lot for myself I know. And I know there are more people out there who deserve a lot more. I just need this, please, help me. I won’t let you down. I love you so much Lord, thank you for listening to my prayer. Amen.