I was saved about two months ago, i was a bad alcoholic, and God delivered me the day i gave my life to Him. However the devil has realy been coming at me with other battles lately, some times i feel so weak and unworthy of what He has done in my life. My marriage was falling apart, He completly restored it my wife, son, and i have been so blessed since God saved me. I clicked on this sight today because i realy felt weak so i needed some prayer for strength, i feel better already, maybe someone else is new in Christ and needed to here this today to let them realize as christians we will always have weaknesses but if we give them to our God and Saviour He will give us strength when we feel weak. He wont give us anything we cant handle. Real quick i was giving the oportunity to speak to a youth group about how God saved and delivered me, i want to give Him the praise, 3 or 4 teenagers gave there life to Christ that night. Use any oportunity you have to share His love to others. And a quick thank you to my best friend who stood by me and never gave up on me while i was a alcoholic and a worthless sinner my number 1 fan ‘JESUS CHRIST’ may God bless you today and each day here after.

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