Strength to Stand

by Rachea ()

Please pray with me believing that God will heal my mother. I don’t know what happened to her. She changed. We don’t have the same relationship. We are like strangers. I’ve tried to get her help, but each time she refuses and gets angry with me. She isolates herself from my children and I. At one point she was a regular visitor at my house, at least four times a week. Now we go for months not talking or seeing each other. I miss her dearly. I’m at peace when I’m not around her because when she’s around she’s either upset or trying to start a commotion about any little thing. I worry about her. I don’t agree with her living conditions and I’ve tried to help her get an apartment, but she refuses my help. She refuses to take medicine. She refuses to seek counseling. She says there’s nothing wrong with her, but it’s obvious. Her son, my brother, was murdered about four years ago up the street from where she lives. She never did get help after this tragic event. She’s been married for thirty-one years and she loves saying she wants a divorce, but she never goes to file for one. She mistreats her husbands. She accuses him of infidelity and being a bad man, but she won’t leave him. I deal with her by staying away from her, but there’s guilt in my heart because I think I could do more and that I should do more since she’s my mother. I do love her, but I don’t like the person she’s become. I don’t think she likes me neither.

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