Strength to overcome my worldly habits and addictions

by Jake ()

Prayer is powerful. When I was younger and not doing what I should be doing, it would scare me when my mom would say she is praying for me. If she’s praying for Gods will to be done then I knew that what I was doing would come to an end soon. I was and still am considering and even wanting change and guidence in my life. I’m ready to stop doing what I’m doing and I want to be and do what God has planned for me. I’m better then the life I’m living right now. I was scared when my mom would pray I know how powerful prayer can be and Im not afraid anymore to ask for prayer to help me stop living the sinful life I’m living now but to pray for guidence and Gods will to be done. No matter what… Please lord Jesus, take my hand today as I walk away from my addictions, please God, whatever path I need take for help on leaving my addictions let it be. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to ask for anything or to be heard and for giving your life so I can also be saved from the sin I live in doing everyday. Please God, let your will be done, I just want to be whateve you want me to be and do so it wasn’t for nothing that Jesus gave his life for us and me. To smoke away is so dumb ofme. I just want to be saved from these treacheries I live and do. I want to make you happy and proud of me lord GoD, help spread your word and save my soul from eternal damnation. I ask for prayer from anybody willing to just hopefully help stray me away from the life I live and to live the life God wants me to live. Thank you to any and all of my Jesus loving and God believing people. God bless and stay in faith. In Jesus name I pray amen.

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