Strength to overcome insecurity and the past

by Ken (Aistralia)

Hi everyone. I am here tonight for I am feeling anxious and weak. I have been abised by my mom when i was younger and i have been neglected. Six years ago i thought I ll marry this girl but she ended up cheating on me. Ever since then i did not get into any relationship. Recently i have met a girl but shes back in her hometown for 3 months for holidays. I feel teally anxious and suspicious when I am not with her and hence the constant need for assurance by texting and talking on the phone. I ll be meeting her in a months time for holidays and i hope we ll be able to make it. Please pray for me so that i ll have the strength to over come the anxioysness and insecurity. Please pray for me so that we can make it through. Thank you and may God bless all ofyou.