Strength to Overcome

by Rebecca ()

I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage III on 7.8.19. Everything hit bottom, my husband, my job everything just spun out of control. I quit my job in the haze of chemotherapy and confusion from the enemy. I started a fund me donation and my friends donated 5200.00 more than I asked for. I moved my 2 12 year old cats and myself and 1/2 my belongings to Kansas to live with my sister. She is 9 years older than me and we have never been close. Her texts of love and compassion, support drove me to leave my home and current cancer care team. My husband had become complacent and stopped going to work, I thought he wanted me gone. My my how the devil lies and uses people to hurt us. My fund was deposited into my sisters account with my words stating, “I trust you”. She spent the money within 58 days, not all on me or the move. Charging me rent, yelling at me to stop using cancer as an excuse to want to sleep and rest calling me a drug addict, going through my things and I believe stealing my medicine. She went through multiple different personalities within an hour, complained to others about taking me to appointments and then refused to drive me when necessary so I drove. She called my doctors there and told them I was a drug addict and they didn’t want to help me anymore, they wanted me to transfer my care elsewhere and although they couldn’t say that, they just shut me down. She had been approved on my legal documents to speak to my doctors and I took her off. It was very very scary. I will say I have fibromyalgia and osteoporosis in addition to the breast cancer and I took a pain pill 3xper day for the swelling in my joints. I walked and swam before the cancer and tried to continue walking even after my treatments of chemo. I was scheduled for a double mastectomy on December 17th in Kansas. I drove myself home to New Mexico 2.5 weeks after my final chemo treatment. I had been 6 months of hardcore chemotherapy. It does take your mind, emotions, physical state and toss it in a blender. I was holding on to Jesus BARELY. My husband wanted me home and he was coming for me on 12.15.19 and I left on 12.7 after canceling the double mastectomy. Set up treatment back in New Mexico. I had a softball size tumor in my right breast and it had spread to my lymph nodes in my arm pit. I also had 2 lesions one on my breastplate and another on my collarbone. As of January 13,2020 I am completely cancer free. After a lumpectomy and the removal of 2 lymph nodes. I give that glory all to God. Thank you God. I ask for prayer for my husband and my sister and rest of my family. I ask for deliverance from the emotional pain to all. I ask for a joy filled 2020 and healing to all that I know and do not know fighting emotional mental and any other disease there is … we are being attacked. I look to God. I have ahold of Jesus’ hand and God has me. I pray for my husband and sister. Please. Thank you. God Bless you too.

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