Strength to endure

by Sandra ()

I need help with prayer and strength my common law husband Cleveland t h a m e s constantly provokes me constantly criticizes me constantly brags about other women constantly threatens me or gets violent and at the same time will threaten to tell me if he can’t have his way to get out or leave in 30 days or get out of his house because he pays the bills now it’s so petty and childish I pay that his Petty spirit stops and it’s provoking Spirit stops and he stops threatening me where I live I’m almost 50 years old I’ve helped and took care of him for 7 years I’ve been doing the abuse the cheating the line the physical the mental I just want him to stop and look and help and pray for himself so he can get better himself. When angry or drinking alcohol or liquor he’s attacked and hit and slap several people including my friends he’s ran off all his conversation is the same when he gets intoxicated and he becomes very very violent and mean the people that disrupt his life to use him use him for money take from him he doesn’t say anything to them he only comes to me and I have to take the pain and the torment because he doesn’t say anything to those people he only holds in the anger and it comes out with me if it’s a grain of salt on the counter he will argue with me for 2 hours when you offer a solution he still got a problem he’s never satisfied so someone please pray for him in my situation that I find peace in my home and he stops trying to put me out my home because things don’t always go to his delight amen

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