Strength In Time Of Uncertainty

by Dustin (Lackland AFB, TX)

Dear Lord,

I come to you now humbled and in awe of your infinite mercy and love. Your blessings come without condition, and you are quick to forgive us for our weakness and shortcomings. All you do for us you do out of love, which you bestow upon us unconditionally. Lord, I find myself in a difficult place of uncertainty, not knowing what is to come in the future, how to plan, or how to prepare. Lord, only you know the answers. Only you know what is in store for me. Help me to trust you with my whole being and build my strength as I accept your grace. Help my faith to grow, and help me to accept whatever path you have put me on, so that I may find comfort in the fact that no matter what happens, I am right where you want me to be. Please take away my anxiety and stress and replace them with peace and comfort that only you can provide. Help me to always come to you when I fall short, whether it be from stress or doubt, and to avoid the advice of the world and what human “logic” would have me to do. Help me always to see clearly; To see the world in the way that you would have me to see it, and never question what I find, knowing that you showed it to me. Give me hope for the future and confidence that I will make you proud, and one day come home.