Strength in my right to Choose what is Right

by Monica (San Francisco Bay Area)

It could all be so very simple. But my poor decisions has made it hard. I seek you out now, in always identifying what is right and what is wrong. I call on you now God, so that everything I do will be pleasing in your sight. Thank you God for blessing us with the power to choose. I choose you Lord, right now and from this day forward. Give me the strength to always-always place you first, before every thought, before every act, before I lend any ounce of my attention to anyone or anything, let your light be the first thing they see within the heart of me. Dear God, because my flesh is weak, and I have fallen, time and time and time again, I’m asking you right now for the strength to overcome temptation and the strength believe. I know that the devil always has been and always will be a liar. I have claimed you as my Lord and savior. I am your servant. My desire to become your most humble and faithful, messenger will not end in eternal fire. I now set my heart and mind on the things you have stored up for me heaven. I will draw my strength from the love that you continue to show me. But there will be times that I fall short, because I am a sinner, and I am human, so I claim right now the strength to overcome. I want to be so much closer to you, I want to walk in your light. So I need the strength to always make the right decisions, and do things pleasing in your sight. I especially claim the victory and deliverance and strength in the areas of unclean thought, pride, anger, and greed.

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