Strength in life and studies.

by Jessy (Brunei)

Dear Lord. My God I knew that this is like a never ending wanting that I want you to bless me. Lord I’m seeking for your forgiveness to me. I am a sinner but you have cleanse me as you live in me now. My lord, I prayed for someone who has make my life feels lots of difficulties and I was so scared by him Lord I know that I am scared to faced him but Lord I need you to guide this person in a right way though he does’nt know you Lord. Make him see the clearence in your holiness today Lord .Show him your unfailing love and strength that he may changed his way and behaviour toward us. Lord I prayed not with my own strength but by the holy spirit and believing that you are my God who can help me through this. God I asked for your mercy to love him and forgive his way before make him see that you are the king of alls that he may see your unfailing strength..Lord help me going through my studies my living and my hardships in life I will be guide by you Lord because nothing is impossible in You.take me with you i your path Lord as I believe your love that can set me free forever and ever. I believe in you as I always know that you always stays by myside.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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  1. Prayer

    I pray unto Jesus Christ that you whoever your prayer may be for that they see the way of the Lord our Savior and fall unto His path. Always remember although we may be sinners, God and Jesus love us SO much, no matter what. We must just confess our sins and through the blood of Christ we are SAVED. It truly is incredible. I pray that God leads you and your family and friends to an amazing and successful life filled with Jesus and God’s abundant blessings!

    In Jesus Name I Pray

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