Strength for the Long Road Ahead

by Noelle (New York)

Dear Lord

Each day poses new questions, new challenges that I don’t always feel prepared for.
Strengthen me when I struggle with the day to day things I need to accomplish.
I know that each time I have asked for strength,
you have given it to me,
yet I still find it hard to find the right words to ask for your help.
Take away my feelings of guilt, shame and sadness
as I turn to you for your unfailing love and never ending mercy.
Help me to remember that you are there for me and you are always looking out for me, because all too often I feel alone and abandoned and even useless.
I will do my part to call on you as soon as these feelings enter my mind, and trust that you will be there with the answers and strength for me.
I love you above all others, and I trust you, o Lord.

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