Strength for My Son

Lord, I know you are the maker of all creation and you have supernatural powers to make things happen that are unbelievable. Lord, please watch over my son Daniel during this time of trial, give him strength, help him to always remember that you are there with him through everything and that he is loved and encouraged. He has done so much work to improve his life,

Dear Lord, please help the hearts of the people that are making decisions for his future, that they will see the goodness in his heart and the good that he has done so far. Please give Daniel strength to continue to focus on your love and your words as he has done in the past.

Continue to give him strength and wisdom through your words, Dear Lord. Please keep him safe, his heart and his faith in you strong. Let him always look to you for strength in all things. Only through you are all things possible. In your name I pray, Amen

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