Strength For My Life

by Ave ()

Dear Lord,
Please be here with me
I know you are always by my side during hard times
But Please be here with me now through what seems to be the toughest point of my life
My faith is being tested but I will refrain from ever giving you up, Lord
Allow your blessings to shine into my life and my family’s lives
Please protect and guide us through our hard times
Please allow us to allows be strong mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally
When there is doubt fill us with security
When there is anger fill us with love
When there is tests please guide us
Lord Jesus Christ please let everything be okay in my life
Right now I am unsure with what you are doing with my life
I know you always have a better plan than we have planned for ourselves but please allow me to feel secure and stable because right now I feel uneasy
Please let me be able to understand and see your plan for my life
Right now I just have so much uncertainty that I need you to guide me and let me know that everything will be more than okay
Thank you Father for always listening to me when no one else does
Thank you Lord for always understanding me when no one else does
I love you and Thank you Lord
In Jesus name, Amen

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