Strength For A Friend

by Vicky (UK)

Dear God, I thank you for my beautiful friendships with my wonderful godly friends that I have been given. However I have one friend who is having trouble accepting that you are helping her to find the right man and that fooling around and sinning with other men is bad for her soul. I love her so dearly and it hurts that she will call me in tears because she has hurt you over this. Please lord give her the strength to be strong and overcome this and find a man who will wait for her, accept her and love her as she is, who will cherish her beliefs and values and pray with her and follow you. I feel she is very lost and hurting herself more than she can even begin to understand. Help her have the courage to say no and to let go, helping to her understand she does not have to do everything all the time just to please everyone. Thank you lord. Amen.

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