Strength, Courage and Wisdom

by Nicole M (Chicago, Il)

Please pray for me that I will have the strength to resist unhealthy habits in every form. Also the courage to Trust God completely that my needs will be met and that I would continue to move forward towards the unknown. I have always had a fear of dailure and sometimes I shy away or give it.. I definitely have a problem with sticking with something. In this weight loss journey I have had my ups and definitiely downs, but I’m proud that I’m actually sticking it out thus far.

Id like to continue to grow stronger and consistent. I need to bind the spirit of procrastination and sabotage. Now I just need the courage to continue on. I need prayer for wisdom. I need guidance in my day to day Christian walk but also discernment on how to care for myself in a healthy matter. I also nees wisdom on how to raise my child healthy. Thank u all.

Nicole M.

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