Strength, closer walk with God. A place to live

by Constance ()

Dear God, I am grateful for life, and for all the blessings you have afforded me. A above all to experience another beautiful day! The relationship with my daughter as been 💔 down, because of her husband’s selfish and arrogant ways. I love ❤️ my daughter and grand children so very much. See once walk with God but turn away as she is unequally yorked in marriage. I am going through turmoil, sadness and disappointment to see how my daughter allow her husband to abuse me and not putting a stop to it!! I was asked to live with them as they were purchasing a new 🏠. I accepted as my daughter needed more space for her children. He asked me to assist him in securing a mortgage as he was not able to on his own. I did!! I.was suppose to live in the basement, as I need my own privacy. I got a contractor recommended by a family member! He said it would be $32,000.00 to complete a one bed room. Apartment. He started the job but dissappear without finishing the job. I paid him all the money as I trusted him. on top of that I paid $1,500 for rent for 14 month sharing a room with my 23 year old Grandson. I stop paying as my daughter’s husband refuses to finish the basement so I can live comfortably. I have been sleeping on a bath bench, step ladder and a dining room chair, a blow up mattress and some time on the bed! My Grandson and I.will take turn. I refuse to pay any more rent until the basement is completed So this is were the war started. I should still pay and sleep in my grandson’s room.. I need some help to find a place of my of own, but I need my name off the mortgage and to get my 💰 invested in the basement. He said he is not letting me live in his basement. And he does not want me in his house. I had a(R) knee replacement surgery in December 1. 2021. Due to all this stress I didn’t heal properly. My life is a perfect mess. I am asking God to speak to him 🙏 to change his ways. I think my daughter is scared of him. I need a miracle in my life. I attend the Seventh Day Adventist Church. I called 4 of my pastors to speak with them but they never came. I cannot live this ways anymore. I am not eating properly nor sleeping almost 2 years. I don’t know what to do, or how to find a place to live as my money is gone and places are so very, very expensive. Please 🙏 🤲 for me! My daughter ❤️ 3 grandchildren and for her husband. He need to find God. Thank you!!

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