Strength and help

by Freddy (Clintwood, VA, USA)

Lord I keep praying, and I know that is the only chance of answers I have. Things aren’t good and I fear for my little one’s future. I don’t ask my prayers for me, I ask them for him. I ask as a father who loves his child, he just wants him to be safe, secure and have a bright future.

I’m raising him as best I can, trying to guide him to be a good and loving person. I know that the love of money is the root of all evil, and I don’t request money for me Lord, I do however hope that something happens so I can feel that he will be safe, he will be secure and he will be taken care of. I try to not be jealous but it’s hard when you try to work and better yourself and you struggle and you see those who are blessed who don’t care or love their kids. Mine is a miracle child, and he will most likely be the only child I’m blessed with, and he’s so early in his journey.

As a still relatively new dad (he’s almost 3), I break down almost daily worrying about him being taken care of. I just wish, that somehow there was money, even if I could never see or touch it, I wish he was taken care of. I know how everybody would love to have that rich relative who provided a net for them, I’d be happy to struggle if I knew that net was there. The way I am worrying, if I don’t soon, I’ll probably not be blessed to experience him growing and that is something I’m fighting with daily.

Strengthen me, allow me to find a way, and to provide the life I want as a probably too loving father. This is the least selfish prayer I can think of, because it is nothing about a big house, a big car or living a lavish life. this is just wanting my heart, my world to have the life I probably can’t provide. I read some of these prayers and my heart goes out to them.

I know some have it worse than me and God I hope that you touch them as well. In your sweet name.

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