Strength and Guideance to bring my daughter home

(Louisville, KY)

Dear Lord, I ask that you help guide my words and emotions. My daughter and I have always had a wonderful relationship but current actions are scaring me. She never rebelled… she just always needed that boyfriend… a weakness I see I gave her by struggling and being alone her entire life. She just doesn’t want to be like me… always struggling and not having enough joy in her life. She needs strength to be on her own and find out who she is… time and space. I have tried to guide her life and I see my errors. She has gone now she is listening to someone that does not know you and does not respect anyone… she just follows him and does not see the path she is on. Please let her come back to her roots and get back to you Lord. Let her see things as they are and work to correct her path away from this group of strangers. I know she is still my daughter deep down but I no longer see her when I look at her. My heart is broken and I look to you for strength and guidance. Let her step back and realize she can walk away… let him not be a threat to her and allow her to move away. Bring her back to her true good self. If she would just stop and reflect… she can see it… she can sense it. Just guide her to stop and rethink… give her strength to stay strong and come home to work through everything. Let her see… loving herself does not come from a man… it comes from you. Lord please hear my prayer for strength and guidance… guide my words to say the right things… give me patience to allow the process to happen… let her see things before she gets any deeper into this world. I ask all of this in Jesus Name..Amen.

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