Strength and acceptance

by Danielle ()

Please pray for my family.

For my brother Scott and his wife Kelsey to outgrow their selfishness and lack of understanding and compassion of other people. They are pregnant and I’m concerned they will raise a very materialistic status and image obsessed child because they have not outgrown those behaviors themselves.

For there repentance and desire to open their hearts to Gods wisdom and transforming love in their lives.

For my aunts Ilya, and Maureen. My uncles bruce, Alan, and Murray. My cousin Erika and Michael, Tracy, Kim, Darcy. My Fiona my father’s Girlfriend for the exact situation please 🙏🙏

I am the only believer in my family and I feel emotionally exhausted with praying and hoping they will one day come around and care about something more than their selfish gains or tiny family’s betterment. There is mental illness, alcoholism and drug use in many of their lives along with stealing money from one another and myself and a lot of entitlement and arrogance. I feel like I am drawing in misery with my family often.

I work in prison witnessing and studying religion and I’m starting to feel extreme exhaustion and trouble thinking or caring about my own needs to be treated with love and respect within and outside my family. My name is Danielle thank you.

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