by Phylllis ()

Please pray for my family, myself and the animals, we are all ailing in one way or another and coming to
terms with the loss of their bedbound Grandmother, who suffered for over 20 years following a stroke. She could not speak after the stroke, and was left with a couple of unfortunately rude words
I took care of her at home,. she was let down by the health service, misunderstanding a lot of the time & the families’s condition of EDS, a connective tissue disorder, that affects us in many ways.. We are also geographically far apart from one another, plus I cannot walk now damaged tendons in
my foot, it was not addressed soon enough due to covid etc and now my hip and knee badly affected .
a lot of foot pain
Need to conclude and tidy up things here following the passing of my Late Mother and years of not having help, a big mess really,, paperwork and messy chaos,
my 2 remaining daughters are suffering with health problems, one with ovary cysts and the
other Kidney/heart waiting to hear today about her, following further tests that were done yesterday, I’m a concerned Mother
Also 4 cats unwell, needing medical help really today, but stuck as unable to drive now, dependant on help for this,
local cab company not keen to take animals , cannot think clearly
friends have moved away now and I lost touch with the outside world taking care
of my Mothers 24 hrs, I did not belong to anything too exhausted everyday.
and now stuck in it.,
As I write this I realise I need somebody on a daily basis who would be willing to do what is the most
necessary that comes up each day.
Whoever picks up this message Please Pray for us all, and our four legged poorly friends
Bless each one of you and thank you for listening.
Peace be with you.
Phyllis x

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