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Father I thank you for all your many blessings. Your faithfulness this year alone has been miraculous. I am grateful and find joy in the list of your blessings.
I don’t know how I can still be so stressed is face of such a list of you turning things for our good. But I feel overwhelmed every day. I see my finances and home as mountains to be scaled. My health has taken a hit from all the things we have had to deal with.

So help me see the good In every unfinished task. Let me see the hope for a future controlled by you. Help me have strength instead of dread at the to do list that really is a mountain in size.
I want your joy back. I want your strength in spirit back. I want to feel and see you again.
Help my daughter to heal and rest so I can sleep.
Help me to unpack some boxes without feeling the overwhelm that still hangs on after the move.
Help me to be everything you want me to be. Because in your presence is peace. Because with you nothing is impossible. Because I want you pleased with me.

I’m so tired.
The move
The freeze
The ER doctor who caused a 7 day hospital stay by giving my daughter a medicine from her allergen list
The strained relationships with others in my home because of the stresses from all the above
The 150 boxes still unpacked from the move to a smaller house
The bed in the living area because the bedroom windows are not sealed right.
The lost hours at work over all the above and small paychecks.

You are my beloved Lord. I do trust you.
Make me strong in every way.
I see your love daily.
I hope in you.
I love you.
Lift me up into your presence.
Because I am strong, fast, smart, and so very capable when I am there.
You are so amazing Holy God.
I love you.

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