by Marquisha ()

Lord strengthen my walk in my faith strengthen my heart and mind take away the fear and pain and sadness that builds up in me each and every day fear and find me that takes over my mind that controls my body the hinders and hurt my soul let your walk let your will pleasure strength overflow my body let the blood of you be poured upon my head and drip down my body to my feet open doors are opportunity for me and my family bless you with a place to call my own bless me with the finances to take care and have my own take away the fear and the pain and sadness and my family touches strength heal and anoint my children take away all fear and pain that’s taking over my body destroy the devil his plans is lies that’s hindering and stopping me from living. Annoying he’ll touch my mind blessing was stronger and better and smarter brain cells heal and annoying my body take away all the fun the pain the struggles they hate to hurt the aching joints for my body have me Lord to be more like you help me to do your will to see your will tell me to think and love like you she gave me Lord for my sins strengthen my thinking process to respect and care and help others. Help my family Lord so many of my loved ones struggling with addiction abuse neglect loneliness guilt and grief that they have lost your way or their way because they couldn’t handle life that’s your life let your breath at your wheel that your eyes and strength your Love your passion your peace your forgiveness be caught upon them let the blood of you flow through our veins let us be talk and be blessed and anointed with all that’s been tooking stolen from us and it’s cold cruel world may your Paradise be here and blessed to come with all peace and joy and love and strength with in . us. Anointing touch my siblings show them and teach them with love is with true love is rejoin peace to our family for us to stop judging and tearing each other down all father God anoint me anoint us Lord with your strength your wisdom your knowledge your understanding your peace within uses oh how I’m afraid take away all of that scares me and anxiety. Let your holy hands your mighty arms touch me heal me wrap around me love me show me strengthen me make me over lord help me to be more like you cleanse my body my soul my mind that’s all that are not of you just saying my prayer amen.

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