by Mary Alice ()

Please pray for strength for me this day as my 30 yr old son was arrested for sexually molesting my 4 yr old granddaughter. I witnessed the event, i called the authorities and now I will have to testify against my son but I know that my granddaughter needs protection and I pray that my son will accept Jesus Christ into his heart, that my granddaughter will get psychological treatment and overcome and that me and my family can gain strength to accept losing my son to the prison system. I’m heartbroken, lost, confused, sad, angry and just about every emotion but gladness. The one thing that will help is my son’s salvation. please pray for my son Erik.

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  1. Blessings

    Lord, I pray that you hear Mary’s prayers and give her the strength to keep strong, keep protecting her granddaughter and allow her granddaughter to get the support she needs. Lord, I ask that you fill Mary with your Holy Spirit and show her how close to you you are at this time.
    Lord, I pray that you show Erik grace and mercy and show yourself to him and open his heart and mind to you and your amazing salvation.

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