by Edward hernandez ()

Lord give me the strength I need to overcome my daily struggles. The struggle to just get out of bed and get up and go and my struggle to enjoy life and all its beauty has taken half of my life and seems to not be satisfied by all that I’ve lost and missed out on by continuing to afflict me. Lord, I am not perfect by any means and I know the choices that I’ve made in life has been poor. Please keep guiding me and give me the wisdom and strength I need to be the man I’m supposed to be. Father , you are so great and while I disregard you when I decide to go left instead of the obvious path, I know you will most likely teach me yet another lesson on why it’s not good to be bad lol. Thank you so much for taking care of my brother when he passed away lord. Thank you for taking care of my beloved yuki who just recently passed away too. Yuki was hands down the most stubborn doggy I’ve ever met. She was like that old lady that would bump your shopping cart at the local market because it was in her way haha. She would fight me in every step when we walked together. She frustrated me Lord soo much at times but when she left me I learned just how much I loved her and miss those times . Don’t lose faith in me Lord because at times you are all I’ve got. Thank you lord, amen 🙂

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