by Donna DelPiano ()

I have lost MY 36 yr old son shawn he have pass away 1 month before his 37 yr old bithday which was on January 7th in 2019 and a few weeks before that My beloved Father hav we also pass away I would like you all to pray for me that God shall give me the. Strength while I am goi g througth this difficult time as my life will never be the same again I am so sad and grieving as a mother would grieve for losing a beloved Son who was the beloved father the Beloved son he was a good man he was very strong he was strong like Hercules would be strong so God must have needed him for taking away at such a young age I miss him dearly and I don’t know how to go on without him in my life please pray for him that is in Jesus is loving arms and pray for me to have strength to get through this difficult time which is the worst thing on earth to have to go through losing a beloved Son so young I love him so much I can’t believe I’m never going to see him again until it’s time for me to go I believe in God I love God I love Jesus but this is just so difficult I’m having a hard time moving on my life is not never going to be the same without my son and father please pray for me and for my son Sean and for my dad his name is Frank

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