Strenght, patience and health

by Mariam (Parakar, Armenia)

Dear Lord,

Please help me to go through this difficult time.I have face acne please help them disappear. Help my family to be together. You know that I move to a new county for my family and kids, please help me get use to this life. Give me patience to go through this time of my life. I’m home sick and missed my father, sisters and my brother.Please help my husbund realize that I can’t live in Armenia. I need my health for my kids, I want to go back and live in the U.S.It is so difficult for me here, I can’t adjust in this life. Help my husband understand soon, please help me to clean my tears. Help me to be a happy healthy woman for my husband and a loving and caring mother to my sons. I know that you’ll answer my prayer. In the Jisus name Amen!

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