Strenght Guidance Wisdom Justice Finances and Happiness

by Maripaz (Sacramento)

Dear God I humbly ask that you guide me to which path you want me to take. Please crush all my enemies for they want to do me harm and want me to fail.Give me intelligence and wisdom to know and do the right things in life. Please bless my children, my parents, my family and friends who supported me with their undying love. I am awaiting for the divorce to ne finalized currently I dont have a job, staying with a friend temporarily and all my financial resources has been depleted. Please I ask you to save all those people who are in domestic violence situation. I trust in the bible and your words are true. In your time all things are possible. This I ask in your name and Jesus name. Amen

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  1. God bless you

    God bless you for keeping your faith through such an incredibly difficult time. Most people completely lose faith and blame God, but you crushed all thoughts of that and came out strong. I pray that you find peace and happiness throughout your life and with your Savior Jesus Christ. He truly loves you and is incredible. Always remember God will never leave you or forsake you, and although things may seem tough, he’s preparing you for something greater. Always have faith Child of God!


    I went through a terrible situation just like this. I was blessed to have a job but had many people against me. My family did not support me and I felt all alone. I was evicted however and didn’t know what I was going to do. God put people in my path that gave me a home. The home was 60 miles further than I was, which made my commute to work another 60 miles so it was 120 miles round trip a day for the next year and a half. Somehow God pulled me through and made me so much stronger. Things didn’t get any easier. A few years later I reunited with my ex for the children. Did not remarry him–THANK GOD–but was there for my children and moved out again a year and a half ago. He is now going to remarry at the end of November 2013….I am finally free of him. I have gone through so much but God showed me how strong I am and how much I could take that didn’t kill me. I still wonder how and why I am still here but only God knows….if I made it so will you!! God bless you and don’t give up!!

  3. A Prayer for Maripaz

    Lord I praise you and bless your holy name as I lift up Maripaz and interceed on her behalf I ask the holy spirit to guide Maripaz with your eyes according to Psalm 32:8 Give her authority of all the power of the enemies let no harm come to her.
    Holy Spirit you are Maripaz’s helper.
    Help Maripaz to have wisdom knowledge and understanding in all things.
    Comfort her Counsel her and Direct her on what to do.
    I pray the angels of the goes before you and your children,parent,friend and others who had being supporting you,May the lord keep them make his face to shine on them be gracious to them may the lord lift his countenance upon them and give them peace according to numbers 6:24-26.

    Lord in jesus name I ask that you let Maripaz wait patiently on you. Calm and quiet her soul while this divorce is in process. Give Maripaz favor with someone who would give her a job and be a blessing to her and her family In jesus name amen.

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