Strenghen me Lord

by Esmeralda (Western-Cape)

Our Father,

I’m so thankfull for love; for You so loved the world that You gave Your only Son to died for me. I’m thankfull.

Please forgive my sin in Jesus Name and wash me in the blood of the Sacrifised Lamb, Jesus Christ. Strengthen me because I’m weak and plant my feet on the rock Jesus, restore my life and renew me in Jesus name. Please save me agen and give me the power to hold on, for I love You so much and can’t no longer live my life my without You, I miss You so much, I long for Your touch tonight, I long for Your tender voice, I miss You more than ever sweet Lord.

I pray for Your guidance in my life, I pray for You to become my best friend again, my first priority, my sit and my stand, my everything. I pray for Your wonderfull presence back into my life, for the smile I onced had because You were the reason, I pray for those silent moments wich only belonged to us Jesus. I pray for the sweet little poems I wrote for You to start again, I pray for the late night prayers to grow back into my life, for my faith and trust in You again.

I pray for my first love for You to come back and for my love to read Your word to find its way back into my life. I pray for You to touched me deeper tonight and to feel Your love in my life again. You the only Father I know and I don’t want to loose You ever as I know I’m nohing without You. I have done terrible things in my life that hurts You Father, please forgive me but accept me back in Your arms again as I’m so lonely without You. I love You Father.

I can’t change the past tonight, I can’t change my past failures and mistakes but I can learn from them and become holy in Your presence through Your love and mercy. I can grow deeper inlove with You in Your presence and I can become a good daugther through Jesus who sthrenghten me. I want to be good and I want to obey You so much, I wanna grow in Your love and I want to worship You all my days, please help me to stand up in Your mercy.

I’m weak my Father so so weak, please give me the sthrenght to stand up and praise Your Holy Name, I love You so much so so much, want to live my life for You and worship You as You are the King above all kings, please engrave my name in the palm of Your hand and baptised me with Your Holy Spirit.

Heal my life and sthrenghten me in Jesus Name

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