by Jackie ()

My baby sister married a very sick man, mentally sick. Sin sick, separated from God. He done so many offensive things we can’t number them, but my 33 year old nephew’s funeral was the straw that broke the camels back. Forgiveness is very difficult in this case, but we know we have to obey God and God’s word. But we have much to thank God for pruning that man out of our lives because God saw he was a Judas. And the family doesn’t have to give him a second chance. That like giving someone like this man an extra bullet for their gun because they missed you the first time. Who we all pity is the sister staying with such an evil man. But we know God knows all about it. We don’t get to see this sister anymore, talk with her on a telephone or anything. But we are not sure this evil has twisted her mind against her remaining siblings. We just know vengeance is God’s he will repay thus said the Lord. We just happy not to ever have to see this evil man ever again. He’s so delirious. But nothing too hard for God. I am glad can love this evil man, my brother and I are having problems with that emotion right now. Just pray my brother and I will stay in God’s will and not let this evil man steal our joy and help keep us from going to Heaven to live with God eternally. Thank you Jesus for delivering us from the evil one, Amen.

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