Stop the Stalket

by Kara ()

Please force an evil person, a Male stalker racist criminal sabotaging and ruining my life. Brutally violent and unusually cruel, cheap, and mean, abusing his authority wrongfully vested in him by the local police. He has hacked my phone, and is impeding life itself. Please force this man out of my life. He is monotonously only evil and needs to be eliminated. Very dangerously foul. He has interfered with my life in the most disgusting ways. He has been abusing me sabotaging me, injuring me, my life, thieving, trespassing, abusing me for years. Please stop him. The police have worked in collusion with him, and he is likely a police officer himself. I am trying to LEAVE LA forever, and he has sabotaged my efforts even to purchase vehicle. I am so terrified of this criminal, and I HAVE to leave LA. HELP ME. Please pray for my son who the stalker has already interfered with my life. He has interferred with my sacred relationships, and I need to keep my loved ones safe and permanently apart from the vile man hurting me and desecrating anything where real love is.

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