stop the hate towards me

by Donald ()

Please stop allowing shirley shirey karn and others to abuse me under the false sense that I somehow do not have god in my heart, I spent all year giving of my time to maintain her and my mothers home, at my expense, no charge, and yet it wasn’t enough. weeks where i would work for 20 hours a day, no pay, no thank you, just demands of more of my time to satisfy their never ending need to beat me down and abuse me. I’m 37, I’m now homeless, my truck is broke down, I now have no means to make money- I was doing instacart, they attacked my friends, so my friends are afraid to help me. I’m stuck in grand rapids michigan, its cold, I’m broke, bankrupt, and have lost hope in finding kindness or generosity in other humans as all I’ve ever done is help others. yet in my time of need, no one is willing to help me. I’ve had people following me to pray away my gay, and attack me in person. what kind of horrible thing could I have done to any person to deserve this kind of treatment, I will never understand. Please stop the hate. the world doesn’t need to hate me, you need to help me at this point, or I may very well freeze to death!

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