Stop the Divorce

by Carolyn (Florida)

Dear God,

You are Supreme Being. You can do anything and You do it out of love, patience and wisdom. Lord my marriage has been in trouble for many years. I turned a blind eye to it until two years ago when my husband left me for a much younger woman and filed for divorce. I learned that they had been in a three-year relationship. Oh, God that was so hurtful and devastating. He filed for divorce and returned to our former home to be with her abandoning me after 40 years of marriage. October 21 he will tell the court that the marriage is indeed over, we will discuss settlement and the judge will reinstate my maiden name.

Lord, he was wrong in so many ways but my failure to tackle our problems played a pivotal role in the demise of my marriage. God please resurrect my marriage. Please give us a second chance to have our marriage last a lifetime the way you designed it. Lord let us become a blessing to others in lieu of always asking for a blessing.

You are the God of Miracles and Second Chances. Help us. Please resurrect my marriage. Breathe life into my marriage. On Friday when judge asks if marriage is over,
make him say no.

I love You Lord and place no one above You. I plead my case before you, Christ, The Holy Spirit and all the angels above. Please grant this petition. Let no man separate what You put together.

These and all blessings I ask in Jesus’s Name. Amen. Amen.

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