Stop Moving

by Lynn ()

Heavenly Father, in Jesus precious name I pray. Hear my prayer dear Lord. You know my heart and all the years of moving around. I’m tired of it and I’m getting older and I pray that the circumstances of our current situation will swiftly and peacefully lead to settling down in a forever home. I just want to settle down and live in the same home for a long time. I want a nice secure and peaceful place to call home with a yard I love, a neighborhood that I love, an easy commute, and a place to grow old and live comfortably. I need a home. At this time in my life, I need a home. A nice place to rest and be happy. A place for my daughter to always come home to and feel secure and know that I’m okay and happy. I’m tired if moving and I really don’t want to move this time. M doesn’t want a mortgage and he sees it as a crippling responsibility and commitment. He sees it as a death sentence almost. Change his heart bc I strongly feel that he is closer to the point where I am than he admits. I feel that the past year has been humbling for him and he’s become insecure bc of his health issues. Whatever he is fearing dear Lord send Your messengers to ease his mind. Whatever he is stumbled by when he thinks about the future, dear Lord, please give him the right information and show him that it could work if we bought this house. Help. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

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