Stolen Love

Dear Christ Jesus, I humble myself to you Lord to reconcile my relationship with Orlando. Man that I prayed The Lord would send to me as a future husband When Orlando first came to me my heart was not with his and one day God opened my heart to Orlando and we were becoming as one, a beautiful couple. One day, since Satan could not get into my heart because it was opened by God, he found a weakness in Orlando and gave him the sin of “pride”. A very large amount of pride. With this pride he has sinned against God with many woman attracting themselves to him because of his money. He has become a liar and cheater. I’m here Jesus to ask you to restore Orlando’s heart and soul before satan takes him forever. Please Jesus, I have witnessed you turn many bad men into humble and God fearing men and to go on to live beautiful Christian lives. Bring Orlando back to me spiritually cleansed. Please continue Gods plan for Orlando and I. In you loving name I pray. Amen