stolen by witchcraft

by Claridsa (South Africa)

We were together for 5yrs this mnth 6 but this older woman come and befriend with his mom then me to get info about us two then all of a sudden he and his mom has change badly they dont care about the other family he loves his work but know he is neglecting it his health is not good stomach all of this started when this woman started to be at there house!!nobody likes her and they want us together someone told me she used muti blackmagic vodoo lovespell on him and me when he looks at me he sees a witch thats why he doesnt want to see or talk to me!also struggle to get work moneyproblems!!the woman also used money for a deeper spell on him!!please pray that it can be broken and that he realise he still love me and come back to me please we are soulmates!!!!she come to steal but God say it must be love with clear concuns and heart us was but she stole and doing wrong stuff to my guy!!!please help tp pray with me that it will be broken and he come back to me please!!God showed me that he want to be with me and he wants to come back please help