St.Jude anwered my prayers before , I really need help this time

by Joey (Connecticut)

1993 I became homeless.Mostly due to immaturity , stupidity, bad parenting like divorce..It was terrible , I prayed heavily to St.Jude, abstained , was spotless clean,Begged Jesus and St.Jude .

Used to pray I can live in my old neighborhood , and on sunny days I dreamt of going to my/ a garage and getting my car out , rolling the windows down…I got a job,moved into a nice apartment , bought a car and had it in a garage. I thanked St.Jude , posted the prayer in the local newspaper , gave when I could to the local and places of help.
Here it is 20 years later and my company closed , can’t find a job , cars about to be sold out of necessity , holding an eviction notice – Praying hard now,Maybe it’s Gods plan !!??
St.Jude I called on thee before and was blessed to receive help , I need your help now more than ever.