Steer situation into the right direction.

by Jessica (United States)

First though Thankyou for finding a friend for me to talk to while it’s difficult, Thankyou for listening to me earlier today when I was distressed and Thankyou for the help from Mrs. Lucy.

My current issues is I’m nervous about my(for the time being)ex boyfriend becoming easily upset or annoyed with me on a count of how I said some bad things to him recently, while both of us were having issues it was a bad move and I apologised more than once and have expressed my regrets and wish to change myself for the better and make it possible to repair the relationship, especially during this time, perhaps Eoin is right, we need time away but I think it should only be temporary so we can fix ourselves. And then get back tougher and have a better, closer, stronger relationship than how it was last year. I just want to keep having good things happen to us so neither of us is in a bad mood. And make sure that Eoin is feeling calmed and cooperative so even though I do need to stay low and not bother him right now that if I send him little notes keeping him informed of my progress that he will not be bothered by it, that he won’t mind my presence. And hopefully I can send him a small gift as a peace offering soon that he will enjoy.

I don’t want him to be mad at me anymore. I want him to forgive me and want me back to be his’ girlfriend again.

I do still miss him and I still like him, I want to be able to talk to him again and us love each other again. 🙂 So please make him be nice to me, I am trying to be better like I said I would be.
If you can God, please help steer everything into the right direction, please let me be happy with have my Eoin back. I still think about having a future with him. 🙂

Thankyou, Amen.

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