Steadfastness & repentance and Salvation

by Sandra ()

To whom it may concern: Standing in the need of prayers for a lot of people whom I love & care about because they are important to me(valuable). I am also standing in the need for everyone else in this world because we desperately need GOD. GOD is the only one who can help us all. Prayers are needed for repentance, endurance, peace of mind, assistance from others, forgiveness, breaking strongholds from all addictions or other sins that beset us, healing if it is GOD’S WILL, plan & purpose for us. Prayers are desperately needed for commitment to doing the will of GOD in his strength as well as obedience to HIM. Prayers are always needed for the elderly, our families, our households(allowing GOD to intervene in every way). Prayers are needed for marriages, families & relationships. Prayers are needed for our youth here in America and all over the globe, Prayers are always needed for the hurting & the broken because we are all broken in some way or another that only GOD can help us with or through according to his will, plan & purpose for us. Prayers are always needed for the homeless, the needy, the poor, the persecuted especially for those whom are undergoing extreme persecution especially overseas. Prayers for all missions, ministries, or missionaries here in our own country especially around the globe that their purpose for going should prevail, and be accomplished through HIS STRENGTH. Prayers are needed for everything else from A to Z, only GOD knows, he knows us best through and through and everything about us. Prayers are always needed for everyone’s repentance & salvation. Prayers are needed for our clergy, our church families, and serving the purposes that we are called or purposed to do for him and for his glory. Prayers are needed for myself too because I have been going through a lot of struggles both spiritually and practically. I have been going through a serious spiritual battle concerning my faith, my health(struggles with severe or oppressive depression), struggling with a lot of things such as guilt & shame(both false and real or perceived as real coming from the enemy,) I believe. Please pray for me and not just for me but for all of us concerning our faith in GOD especially during seasons of trials & tribulations, we desperately need for our youth or others whom are new in their faith in GOD that GOD will strengthen them to endure each and every trial in his strength to persevere. Prayers are always needed for those whom are lost, far away from GOD, back sliding, or needing to be encouraged both spiritually, emotionally, or practically. Prayers are always needed for our nation, our leaders, and everyone in this world. We all need salvation in Christ. Thank you

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