Steadfastness &Healing

by Sandra ()

I am standing in the need of prayers for a lot of people including myself, we need prayers for every area of our lives, starting with The Salvation of many of our loved ones, our friends & extended family members & friends, our neighbors, our fellow employees, our enemies in the flesh, our bosses, our consumers or our clients, our residents or staff, and support staff as well as our clergies and our churches, and I can always use a lot of prayers for all areas of my life too, especially whenever it comes to faith & obedience towards GOD. Please pray for all of our youth globally, especially here in America that they will accept & receive JESUS as LORD and that goes for anyone who does not acknowledge or know JESUS as GOD’S SON & OUR SAVIOR. Please pray for all of our leaders especially those who do not know GOD or acknowledge HIM at all. Please pray for all who are hurting, broken, damaged, wounded, nearly destroyed by sin/sins of our own doing or by the sin/sins of others, that GOD will carry & strengthened us all(Isaiah 26:3)(Isaiah 51:12-16)(Isaiah 40:28:28-31), (Isaiah 54:4-8,17),(Isaiah 53), (Psalm 23, 24, 27, 34:4, 46:10, 51, 84:11, 91, 100, 119:105, &121). GOD does gives anyone forgiveness for all of our sins whenever we repent and come away from our sins with HIS HELP & STRENGTH because sometimes there are strongholds from the enemy of our souls and his demons attempting to hold us back, that when we have to go into battle(spiritual warfare & along with others praying for us & praying for each other

e and evil itself. We need GOD at all times, it may come down to fasting along with prayers to DEFEAT the evil forces of Hell. Please continue to pray for all the persecuted churches of the saints around the globe and any other form of persecution that occurs in a subtle fashion that we will STAY the course and LET GOD FIGHT FOR US & ENDURE whatever HE has us to ENDURE IN HIS STRENGTH and not our own because we are not strong as GOD IS. We gotta STAY PRAYED UP 24/7 non-stop, ONGOING, AND Sometimes ON OUR knees or on our faces just like KING DAVID did in the book of psalms, in repentance and everything else before GOD because HE IS LORD & HE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT IS HOLY & WORTHY of PRAISE, GLORY & REVERENCE. HE holds the keys to death & hades or Hell & GOD wakes us up for a new day’s journey too. Prayers from A to Z. You all are in our prayers too. JESUS IS COMING BACK.
Thank you very much

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