Steadfastness &Healing

by Sandra ()

I am standing in the need of prayers for everyone in this whole wide world. Prayers are desperately needed for those recent storm victims(the survivors as well as those whom lost their lives in last week’s storms). Prayers are needed for( all their basic needs as well as spiritual needs to be met and on a continuous basis because they desperately need it). Prayers are continuing needed for the persecuted churches around the globe. Prayers are continued needed for all of my loved ones, my friends and extended family members & friends, everyone in this world from A to Z, and I can use a lot of prayers too. Prayers are always needed for the SALVATION IN CHRIST for everyone in this world. HE(GOD) does not want anyone to perish and we should not either. Christmas is next week, praying that everyone will find HOPE IN CHRIST JESUS, because HE IS HOPE and OUR ONLY HOPE. Prayers are always needed for all of our youth here in America and around the globe, especially those under the age of 30. Prayers for all the sick and the afflicted in many ways from A to Z. Prayers are needed for our aged or aging population that they stay steadfast in their faith in GOD or The Trinity, we can benefit from their GODLY COUNSEL or WISDOM, especially those whom are walking with GOD non stop 24/7. Prayers that all of us stay faithful to GOD no matter what because HE is LORD OF LORD as well as KING OF KINGS(JESUS). John 3:16-36. OUR SAVIOR IS COMING BACK and we need to be READY. Prayers for our churches and our clergies, missionaries, missions and ministries as well here in America and around the globe( prayers and help) is always needed for them to expand GOD’S KINGDOM. Prayers for GOD’S STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, PEACE, HOPE, PATIENCE, THE MIND OF CHRIST, OBEDIENCE, THE FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT & EVERYTHING OF GOD. Prayers for those struggling with one or many addictions. Prayers for marriages, those considering marriage, as well as single-parent households. Prayers for all the children in the world(born and the moms to be, unborn).Prayers are needed for those in foster care, out sourced from foster care, the homeless, the needy, the broken(all areas), those who are incarcerated, or possibly facing incarceration, those whom are released from any form of incarceration that GOD will change their lives(they let GOD work on them). That applies to ALL OF US. Prayers from A to Z. Prayers for our leaders SALVATION IN CHRIST. You ALL ARE IN OUR PRAYERS CONSTANTLY, PLEASE KEEP US IN YOUR PRAYERS TOO. YOU ALL HAVE A BLESSED MERRY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR. PRAYERS FOR ISRAEL & THE MIDDLE EAST AND OTHER COUNTRIES AROUND THE GLOBE AS WELL AS FOR OUR OWN COUNTRY. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

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