Steadfastness &Healing

by Sandra ()

I am standing in the need of prayers for everyone(all my loved ones, all my friends, extended family members & friends) as well as my church family (all of them). I can use a lot of prayers too. Prayers are needed for GOD’S STRENGTH,PATIENCE,ENDURANCE,HOPE,LOVE,KINDNESS,JOY,ACCEPTANCE,TRUST,GOODNESS,SPIRIT,PROTECTION,PROVISION,PERSEVERANCE,COURAGE,TIMING,HIS LIVING WORD(THE HOLY BIBLE),OBEDIENCE, SUBMISSION, REDEMPTION, RESTORATION, REST, UNDERSTANDING, LOVE,COMFORT, SELF-CONTROL, HUMILITY, PRESENCE, DISCERNMENT,FAITHFULNESS,STEADFASTNESS, HEALING, (if it is HIS WILL),SALVATION,WILL,PLAN,PURPOSE & EVERYTHING ELSE IN ALL OF GOD IN OUR LIVES. Our nation and this whole wide world needs SALVATION IN CHRIST JESUS(OUR LORD & OUR SAVIOR)-(JOHN 3:16). Prayers are always needed for the persecuted churches around the globe, the lost,the homeless, the broken(in many ways), the hurting, the lonely, the afflicted,those whom have lost their way, the deceived, those that feel hopeless(but their not because JESUS IS HOPE), I can testify(many times over). Prayers are needed for our clergy, lay persons, our ministries, our missionaries, our missions,(here in America & around the globe). Prayers are always needed for our leaders here in America & the globe that they may come to know or acknowledge or submit to GOD or the TRINITY. WE all need GOD in this whole wide world.

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