Steadfastness &Healing

by Sandra ()

To whom it may concern: I am standing in the need of prayers for all of my loved ones, all of my friends & all extended family members, my church families, work colleagues, bosses,our clergies, everyone else from A to Z, and I can use a lot of prayers too in all areas of my life because I have been really struggling with a lot of issues(self-afflicted as well spiritual warfare, I believe), please pray for all of us listed above. Everyone listed above have been going through some serious trials, but are enduring through a lot of prayers & prayer intercessions. Please continue to pray for all of our youth because the enemy of our souls has been on, an ongoing constant battle to claim, take hold of as well destroy their souls, as them getting to know or acknowledge GOD or THE TRINITY. Our youth are amazing, smart, strong, caring as well as a lot of great qualities (GOD-GIVEN) both spiritual and practical qualities as well as spiritual gifts & talents. I am a mother too. I have three amazing young adults that I am so proud of and I love deeply. Please also pray for all our children even those whom are older with families. Please pray for all of us whom are mature in age 50+up, we can always use a lot of prayers too in all areas of our lives too for GOD’S INTERVENTION & INTERCESSION, BONDAGE FROM STRONGHOLDS, GOD’S STRENGTH & GOD’S ENDURANCE, OBEDIENCE(GODLY), PATIENCE, HOPE, PROVISIONS & PROTECTION, FAITH THAT IS STRONG IN THE MIDST OF OUR BATTLES OR TRIALS, COMMITMENT, DISCIPLINE & DISCERNMENT(GODLY WISDOM)OR AUTHENTIC GODLY COUNSEL, TRUSTING GOD DURING THE STORMS OF LIFE, DIRECTION (GODLY), HIS PURPOSE & HIS CALLING IN EACH OF OUR LIVES(that goes for everyone listed above as well as everyone in this world). WE mostly need prayers for SALVATION & SIN IN OUR LIVES. I struggle with forgiving others especially whenever I am offended or someone else I love or know or acquainted with are offended on a continuous basis from our offenders especially when our faith is not STRONG but we continue to ENDURE IN GOD’S STRENGTH. PLEASE PRAY FOR US ALL. Please continue to pray for the PERSECUTED CHURCHES AROUND THE GLOBE, ANYONE ELSE ENDURING PERSECUTION IN OTHER AREAS OF THEIR LIVES from A to Z. Please continue to pray for those whom are LOST, BROKEN IN ALL AREAS OF THEIR LIVES, WEAK, BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS, DISCONTENTED, OR ANY OTHER BROKENNESS, TO THOSE WHOM ARE TRYING TO FIND THEIR WAY BACK HOME TO GOD, THE HOMELESS, THE NEEDY, THE SICK, THE WIDOWS & THE ORPHANS, THOSE IN FOSTER CARE, OUTSOURCED FROM FOSTER CARE, RUNAWAYS,THOSE WHOM ARE INCARCERATED,RELEASED BUT A FRESH NEW START WITH CHRIST ALONE, TO VICTIMS OF SEX TRAFFICKING OR ANY OTHER BROKENNESS. YOU ALL IN OUR PRAYERS TOO.

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