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I am standing in the need of prayers for a lot of people including myself(all of our loved ones, all of our friends and family members as well as extended family members & friends), our neighbors, our work colleagues, people who we care for(care-givers, or patient care, residents, clients, customers, strangers, or many others). Prayers are always needed for the homeless, the needy, the broken in many ways(mind, soul, body and spirit), the abused and battered in many ways shapes & forms, those struggling with all sorts of addictions from A to Z, the elderly, the youth all over the world especially those under 30, the LOST, the hurting, those who may have fallen away or have back-sliden in their faith, those going through severe trials, spiritual warfare, and may have been struggling in their faith during hard times such as these, and everything else from A to Z. Please pray for everyone’s Salvation in Christ(JESUS, OUR LORD & OUR SAVIOR), and our persecuted churches around the globe, those who are suffering a LOSS of a LOVED ONE, and many other trials, sufferings, and testings. Please pray for my relatives who are experiencing a heavy loss of a loved one, and many other people in this world are experiencing the same pain. Please pray a lot of marriages, children, relationships, and individuals. Prayers are needed for everyone in this world from A to Z. I can always use a lot of prayers too, from A to Z. You are in our prayers too. You all have AN AWESOME CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR. JESUS IS COMING BACK. We all need GOD.
Thank you very much
Prayer Warrior in CHRIST

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