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I am standing in the need of prayers for a lot of people(all of my loved ones, all of my friends, & my extended family members & friends, my church families both old & new), as well as for countless others including our enemies in the flesh-by praying for them, forgiving them, and letting GOD fight all of our battles for us through prayers & fasting(at times). Please pray for all those who are atheists or agnostic, lost, prodigals, struggling in their walk with GOD, and for those coming to Repentance & Salvation towards GOD. Please pray for those who have been or possibly been deceived by false teachers. Please continue to pray for all of our youth globally especially here in our own country. Please pray for all parents & grandparents as well as all other family members. Please pray for all who are broken in many ways, hurting, struggling with various addictions from A to Z, strongholds coming from the enemy of our souls, or unclean spirits, coming from the enemy of our souls too. Please pray for all who struggle with sin/sins from A to Z, only GOD can HELP THEM THROUGH. HE CONQUERED our SINS. Please pray for me also because I have going through a lot of struggles,(within or beyond my control), battles as well as spiritual warfare, just like everyone else. We all need GOD’S STRENGTH, ENDURANCE,PATIENCE, HIS PEACE THROUGH THE MIDST OF OUR STORMS, LOVE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, LONG-SUFFERING, PROTECTION, PROVISION,HELP, WISDOM, GUIDANCE, PEACE OF MIND, COURAGE, STEADFASTNESS, MERCY, GRACE, FAITH IN GOD & THE MIND OF CHRIST. Please continue to pray for all the widows&orphans,people in or coming from war-town
countries or nations, especially for those who are undergoing ongoing persecution, the homeless, those who broken or hurting in many ways, only GOD can help them. Please continue to pray for everyone in this world from A to Z. You are in our prayers too.
Thank you
Prayer Warrior in CHRIST

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