Standing on God’s Promises

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I had a new roof put on 15+ years ago. I had to replace the old facia boards last yr but the roofer did a poor job. He lowered the gutter, exposing the new facia board and when I asked him to come to correct it,
he never showed. have been dizzy for over 2 years thinking it was due to heart medication. My neighbor came in and immediately knew what the smell was mold and felt it was due to faulty work of the guy who put the roof on 15+ years ago, not bringing the shingles close to the gutter for correct water run-off. I was not aware of how new roofing shingles should be layed so now my home has mold throughout that I just realized.
I called my home insurance and the lady stated that I might not have coverage for neglect of structural damages resulting in mold damage. I am 71 yrs old and worked 2 jobs for 27 yrs to pay for my home but i had to quit working due to health problems. Oftentimes, still not earned enough money to take care of everything in my home. I have asthma and a heart problem and I’m living and breathing the mold and feel it on my skin but I don’t have any place to go. The water/mold Rediation inspector is coming today and I fear that he’s not going to approve my homeowners insurance to cover the needed work. I don’t have family to go live with and I’m on a low- fixed income so I nervous and concerned. I am a Christian and I know God will take care of things so why do I have this inner fear that I can’t stop thinking about? I’ve NEVER filed a homeowners claim because I would have saved to get someone to do repairs but now the work hadn’t been done correctly. I just could never afford a roofing company to install a new roof before and definitely not now. I don’t have money for much of anything right now. As I am writing this to you, there’s a strong smell of mold and I’m so dizzy. Please pray with me for standing strong in my faith because God is faithful to answer prayers. I have never seen this site before. I know God brought it on me because it is exactly what I’m going through and that’s the power of His love for me, letting me know that He is my Savior and He knows my needs. I thank God for your website and for praying with me and I will be praying for you all, too.

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