Standing in the need of prayer

by Sharon L ()

Father God, I’ve messed up a lot lately. Sometimes I feel like my world is crashing all around me and on top of me. I don’t seem to do anything right. I say more than I should. I’ve lost my patience in everything I do. I’m not sure my thoughts are really mine. It seems the person I was, the
‘ME’ that I liked , is gone and I’ve become this bitter, outspoken person I never wanted to be. I’ve made such a mess of my life lately. I used to be a person that brought the family together and now I’m tearing it apart. I can’t pay my bills and that’s a major problem for me and my family. I’m always hiding in my room because I can’t afford to go anywhere and just don’t have anywhere to go. God, please help me. I need to change and be filled with the fruits of your Spirit again. I need LOVE because I feel unloved. I want JOY because I don’t like to cry all the time. I need PEACE to rest and slow my mind. I need PATIENCE because I don’t seem to have any for anything or anyone. I need KINDNESS because I’ve none to share with others. I need GOODNESS because I used to love people and care about them but have lost it. I need GENTLENESS because children deserve it and I love children but have become harsh and uncaring lately. I need FAITHFULNESS because I believe and trust in You, but try to do too much on my own. I don’t trust my thoughts anymore. I need SELF CONTROL because I need to relearn to keep my mouth shut and let others have their own opinions without criticism . Please help me. Search me and know my heart is still good even though my mind has been corrupted by FB and the news. I pray for your person of choice to win the election so I can stop thinking about it so much. I’ve lost too many friends and relatives over it already . Please heal our country Lord. Bring us back to You before it’s too late. I lift my eyes and heart and mind to you for discernment and helping me stay focused on You. Remind me when I’m unsure to ask for your help and not to be afraid because you love me more than anyone else could. Thank you for forgiving me for all that I’ve done and help me to be more like You again every day. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

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