Standing for my marriage

by Don (Los Angeles, CA)

Please pray for the return of my wife (Nikki) not just to me but to our Lord and Savior. She left me while I was unemployed due to our marriage problems. I was in tears asking her to pray with me, she told me no.

I told her God could fix our mess and gave her some information to read confirming this, she wouldnt read it. We were only married 11 months before she left. I was devastated and very bitter in the beginning but through God and the reading of his words, I’ve overcome a lot of that.

I still hurt but I recognize that this is a spiritual battle and she’s fallen into satans trap. I was once a prodigal during my first marriage and I understand how this can happen. I pray every day for her salvation and return and I’m trying to live my life in a way that would be pleasing to God. Please pray for my strength and perseverance and that when God sends her home, I can accept her with the same unfailing love that he has for us. Please pray that communication be restored and that ANY ungodly ties be broken immediately and permanently.

I ask that God brings his lost sheep home during this holy week as Christ rose from the dead, so can our marriage rise. Thank you and my prayer is for all standers to stay encouraged and God will deliver as his word does not come back void.

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