Stand In Need Of A Finance Break Through

by Martha (Houston, Texas)

From: Martha W.

Lord Jesus, I ask in Your Name the special Grace to bless me, my brother Brian Whitley, my mother Jean Whitley and my son Oreal Edwards to bring us out of his financial problems. For we know, nothing is impossible for you.

Lord Jesus, open the doors for us, me and my immediate family to make up for the losses we are currently facing. The salary that we earns go only in paying bills, daily expenses and a major chunk going out for Rents.

Thus saving nothing for a rainy day.

Lord help us in your own way Lord, according to thy will.
Lord help us to share with each other in all that we have, roof, food and clothing

We thank you Lord for all your blessings.

Praise you Jesus. Love You Jesus. Amen.

Oh Lord,

I come to you and hear my prayers. Please bless me
and hear my prayers. I am in need now of money to pay all my financial obligations. To pay all my debts asap. Please help me to pay all my financial obligations Lord.

Please bless me to have financial blessings. Take away all my worries, stress and make me worry free.

In Jesus Name.